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How to Find Your Ring Size

1. Let US pay to know your ring size!

We will send you a disposable ring sizer as well as a coupon code for the cost of the ring sizer, making sure that when you do purchase your ring from ForeverBrands this ring sizer was essentially free!

Make sure  the ring sizer fits snug on your finger, there should be some resistance when it slides past your knuckle to make sure your new ring won’t fall off your hand

2. Measure an existing ring to find your size

Download the ring sizing template below, and print it to scale

Place one of your existing rings over the size chart to match your ring to our sizing template

3. Convert a size you already know of to our ForeverBrands sizes 

See our ring sizing chart to convert your ring size to our UK sizes

4. Pop into your closest Jewelry store!

Visit any jewelry store closest to you and they will size your ring finger for free!